Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dade Cycle Shop - 1973

Miami, FL - The St. Valentines Day Massacre out back at then-cult-bike-shop Dade Cycle in Coconut Grove. Yes, those are six dead rats. Should have seen the hundreds that got away. Almost as creepy as this picture. The shop owned and operated by Joe Avalos (RIP), Dade Cycle's payroll over the years included a cast of charatcters unrivaled. Joe, Ivy, Maggie, The Gar, Cobb, The Kid, Flannigan, Bennie, Balkin, Big E, Joey, Como, Theodore, Tyrone, Woodul and on & on. (L to R: Paul Stillman, Doug Martin, Bill Woodul, Gary Cobb, Kurt Thomas, Steve Benebee)