Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vote Hope

Heather Stamm

In a note of irony, only days after posting "Heather", I was driving on PCH through Newport Beach, just a few miles south of Huntington Beach, when I found myself behind a SUV with a window sticker that read something on the order of "Always Remember Heather Stamm". I could not believe it. Later, after a quick Google search, the mystery of Heather was cleared. She was 16 when she and a friend were struck by a car on PCH and 6th street. From the articles available online it sounds like several families lives were devastated. What a very sad story.

The story can be found at either the Daily Pilot or the Huntington Beach Independent

Heather Stamm, in my mind, will always remain the keeper and guardian of PCH and 6th in HB.